Geneva Encore

Geneva Again: Just a photo diary and random thoughts from my 2nd summer in Geneva.

In my mad dash around Paris last weekend, I saw two cool exhibits at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs on Rue de Rivoli.  The museum always has interesting fashion exhibits (like the Madeleine Vionnet exhibit I saw there in 2009) in addition to the beautiful jewelry they have there.  This time, I went there specifically to see the Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs exhibit.  However, they also had a Babar exhibit!  Totally random, right?  I remember reading the stories as a child, but the details of the plot didn’t come back to me until I saw the exhibit.  They looped a movie about the author’s life (he died fairly young), and his sons, who continued writing the stories.  It was fun reminiscing about Babar and his cousin/wife (scandalous!), their children, the old lady, and Zephyr.  I would be ecstatic if they did a Madeline exhibit or my beloved Matilda.

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